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Kevin Gates

Kevin Jerome Gilyard

Kevin Jerome Gilyard (born February 5, 1986), better known by his stage name Kevin Gates, is an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur. He is currently signed to Bread Winners' Association with a partnership with Atlantic Records. His debut studio album, Islah, released in January 2016 and peaked at number two on the US Billboard 200 chart. Prior to Islah, Gates also released numerous mixtapes including Stranger Than Fiction, By Any Means, and Luca Brasi 2, all of which peaked in the top 40 on the Billboard 200 chart.


Let It Sing

Artist: Kevin Gates
Released: 2018
Genre: Hip-hop/rap

Change Lanes

Artist: Kevin Gates
Released: 2018
Genre: Hip-hop/rap

Vouch (2018)

Artist: Kevin Gates
Released: 2018
Genre: Hip-hop/rap

Ridah (2018)

Artist: Mistah F.A.B.
Featured artists: Kevin Gates, The Jacka
Album: Thug Tears
Released: 2018
Genre: Hip-hop/rap

Chained to the City (2018)

1. Change Lanes
2. Vouch
3. Let Is Sing

Bismillah (2017)

1.Kevin Gates - 90 Days
2.Kevin Gates Ft Gucci Mane 2 Chainz - Raw
3.Kevin Gates-Eat ft Marcosus and Kevo Hendrixx
4.Kevin Gates-Who Remembers ft RAB
5.Kevin Gates-Drive ft OG Boobie Black
6.Kevin Gates-How We Live
7.Kevin Gates ft Young Moe - Everything Changes
8.Kevin Gates-Run It Back
9.Kevin Gates-Piss Codenine ft Philthy Rich Young Dolph and Icewear Vezzo
10.Kevin Gates-Prices Remix ft Yung Harris
11.Kevin Gates - So Bad
12.Kevin Gates-Situation ft Jim Jones
13.Kevin Gates-When The Lights Go Out ft Yung Mazi
14.Kevin Gates-Damn She Bad ft BWA Ron
15.Kevin Gates-Goonies ft Montana Of 300
16.Kevin Gates-Save The Drama ft Chris Brown and Tracy T
17.Kevin Gates-Run The City ft Jigg
18.Kevin Gates - Twerkaholic
19.Kevin Gates - Buy The City
20.Kevin Gates - Rolling Round
21.Kevin Gates - Animal
22.Kevin Gates - Come Up ft Zed Zilla
23.Kevin Gates - Drugs
24.Kevin Gates - Hospitality
25.Kevin Gates - My Mojo
26.Kevin Gates - Nasty
27.Kevin Gates - No Problems
28.Kevin Gates-Cut It Remix ft OT Genasis and Young Thug

By Any Means 2 (2017)

1 "No Love" 03:20
2 "McGyver" 03:16
3 "Had To" 03:41
4 "Fuckin Right" 03:18
5 "Beautiful Scars" (featuring PnB Rock) 03:08
6 "Attention" 03:47
7 "G.O.M.D." 03:09
8 "D You Down" 03:14
9 "What If" 03:15
10 "Came Up" 02:42
11 "Imagine That" 03:40
12 "No Trust" 02:29
13 "Just Wanna" 03:51
14 "Why I" 03:33 

Murder For Hire 2 (2016)

1 "Fuck It" 04:01
2 "The Prayer" 03:52
3 "Believe In Me" 03:22
4 "Click House" (featuring OG Boobie Black) 02:51
5 "Great Example" 03:25
6 "Lil Nigga" 03:25
7 "Showin' Up" 04:16
8 "Off da Meter" 03:48 

Islah (2016)

1 "Not the Only One" 04:41
2 "Really Really" 03:52
3 "2 Phones" 04:00
4 "Pride" 04:05
5 "La Familia" 03:50
6 "Time for That" 03:28
7 "Thought I Heard (Bread Winners' Anthem)" 03:24
8 "Hard For" 04:06
9 "Ask for More" 03:27
10 "One Thing" 03:19
11 "The Truth" 03:30
12 "Kno One" 03:34
13 "Told Me" 03:04
14 "Ain't Too Hard" 03:25
15 "I Love It" 03:31

Deluxe edition (bonus tracks)
16 "Jam" (featuring Trey Songz, Ty Dolla Sign and Jamie Foxx) 03:34
17 "Excuse Me" 04:37 

Murder For Hire (2015)

01. Intro
02. Rican Johnny
03. Thuggin Hard In The Trap House
04. Mexico
05. Chico
06. Her Feat. OG Boobie Black
07. Khaza

Luca Brasi 2 (2014)

1 "Luca Brasi Intro" 02:35
2 "I Don't Get Tired" (featuring August Alsina) 03:30
3 "John Gotti" 03:45
4 "Perfect Imperfection" 03:59
5 "Plug Daughter" 02:24
6 "Out the Mud" 04:01
7 "Thugged Out" (featuring Boobie Black) 03:14
8 "Sit Down" 04:20
9 "Complaining" (featuring Rico Love) 04:03
10 "Talk on Phones" 02:55
11 "Wassup with It" 03:13
12 "Don't Panic" 03:50
13 "Break the Bitch Down" (featuring K Camp) 03:01
14 "In My Feelings" 04:05
15 "Pourin the Syrup" 03:49
16 "Wild Ride" 04:18
17 "Word Around Town" (featuring Rich Homie Quan) 03:12
18 "Making Love" 03:40 

By Any Means (2014)

1 "Wish I Had It" 03:31
2 "Don't Know" 03:05
3 "Amnesia" (featuring Doe B) 03:29
4 "Can't Make This Up" 03:30
5 "Keep Fucking With Me" (featuring Plies) 02:46
6 "Homicide" 03:08
7 "Movie" 03:21
8 "Go Hard" (featuring Rico Love) 03:40
9 "Bet I'm on It" (featuring 2 Chainz) 03:30
10 "Arm & Hammer" 03:27
11 "Posed to Be in Love" 02:44
12 "Stop Lyin'" 04:22
13 "Wit It" 03:28
14 "Just Want Some Money" 04:05
15 "Again" 03:27
16 "Get Up On My Level!" 04:16 

Stranger than Fiction (2013)

1 "4 Legs and a Biscuit" 02:25
2 "Get Em" 03:31
3 "MYB" (featuring Starlito) 03:41
4 "White Tan" 02:39
5 "4:30am" 02:46
6 "Die Bout It" 04:30
7 "Strokin'" 03:01
8 "Thinking with My Dick" (featuring Juicy J) 02:45
9 "Tiger" 03:11
10 "Smiling Faces" 02:26
11 "Careful" 02:36
12 "Money Magnet" 03:06
13 "Don't Know What to Call It" 03:35
14 "Satellites (HPG Remix)" (featuring Wiz Khalifa) 03:14

Mixtape release
9 "Change On Me" (featuring Percy Keith & Mista Cain) 04:47
10 "Tiger" 03:11
11 "Smiling Faces" 02:26
12 "Patrick Swazy" (featuring Dreco) 03:49
13 "Snake Nigga" (featuring Migos) 03:42
14 "Careful" 02:36
15 "Money Magnet" 03:06
16 "Don't Know What to Call It" 03:35
17 "Angels" 02:41 

The Luca Brasi Story (2013)

1.Mr. Brasi
2.Paper Chasers [Prod. By Swiff D]
3.Weight [Prod. By Grizzly On The Beat]
4.Flex (Feat. Terrance Hines)
5.Neon Lights [Prod. By Maven Boys]
6.Arms Of A Stranger [Prod. By S1]
7.I Need It [Prod. By Grizzly On The Beat]
8.Wylin' [Prod. By KB]
9.Hold Ya Head [Prod. By S-X]
10.Narco Trafficante (Feat. Percy Keith)
11.Just Ride (Feat. Curren$y) [Prod. By Grizzly On The Beat]
12.Around Me [Prod. By Cy Fyre]
13.Twilight [Prod. By Mr. Morris]
14.Counting On Ya [Prod. By Maven Boys]
15.Marshall Mathers [Prod. By Maven Boys]
17.Hero [Prod. By Nard B]
18.Ugly But She Fine (Feat. Master P) [Prod. By Marvel Hitz]
19.Talking Stupid (Feat. Percy Keith)
20.Hold It Down [Prod. By Grizzly On The Beat]
21.What's Understood [Prod. By Jahlil Beats]
22.IHOP (True Story)

In the Meantime (2012)

1.When the Lights Go Down
2.I'm a Rider
4.Free To Love
5.I Grind I Grind (feat. D.G)
6.Put On a Show
7.Kill For Me
9.Strong (feat. Yung Scooter)
10.Wrist To Work (feat. PK)
11.Shooting Stars
12.Would You Mind
13.Man Down
14.Look Out
15.Soldier Man
17.Outro :: Symphonic

Make 'Em Believe (2012)

1.Kevin Gates-Intro I Ain t
2.Kevin Gates-Make Em Believe
3.Kevin Gates-Don t Know What To Call It
4.Kevin Gates-Baddest In The Building
5.Kevin Gates-Lingo Feat Bonka
6.Kevin Gates-You Can Leave
7.Kevin Gates-Satellite
8.Kevin Gates-BBO Brains Blown Out
9.Kevin Gates-Never Change
10.Kevin Gates-Trap Girl
11.Kevin Gates-Would You Mind
12.Kevin Gates-I Grind Feat Flame Gang Rocky
13.Kevin Gates-Soldier Man
14.Kevin Gates-Love You
15.Kevin Gates-Retawdid Fa Real Feat Flame Gang Flow
16.Kevin Gates-Dangerous
17.Kevin Gates-She Don t Wanna
18.Kevin Gates-Paid In Full Help
19.Kevin Gates-Grinder

I Don't Know What 2 Call It (Vol. 1) (2011)

1.Reputations On The Line
2.Trap Girl
3.Never Change
5.They Can Hate FT. Max Minelli
6.still gettin ratchet FT.Hootie HooD
7.Back Home Ft. Malachi
8.Cant Give Up Ft. Tre Duce Hootie Hood
9.Play It How It Go FT. Young Bleed
11.Love You
12.Thuggin Hard
13.Still gansta Ft Hootie Hood
14.Nothing Change
15.It Shows
16.In Da Building Ft. Max Minelli
17.Im A JetBoi FT.Hootie HooD
18.No Regrets
19.Do You
20.niggaz aint shit

The Leak (2010)

1.Dream Team
2.Can I Help You (Feat. Level)
3.Lean 2 Da Side (Remix)
4.Gettin' It
5.Everyday I'm Clean
6.I Love Myself
8.It's My Life (Feat. Malachi X)
10.Head 2 My Toes (Remix)
11.Fuck You Bitch (Feat. Reno)
12.Bend Em' Backwards
13.Personal Freak
14.Numb 2 Da World (Feat. Ronny My)

Behind Enemy Lines (2009)

1.Freestyle Live From Jail
2.Head 2 My Toes
3.Streets Of B.R
4.Stuck In Da Streets
5.She Don t Wanna
6.Kevin Talks From Jail
7.Don t What To Call It
8.Taking Off
9.Be In Da Trap Feat Nu ie-I
10.My Niggas
11.Travis Speaks From Jail
12.Solve My Problem
13.Grown Man Music
15.69 Feat Malachi
16.Take A Ride Feat Malachi
17.Kevin Speaks From Jail 2
18.Make Em Believe
19.Put Dat Ass On Me
20.Don t Need Niggas Feat Easy

All In (2009)

2.Looking For A Right
3.I'm A Grinder
4.Who Got Love For Me
6.Shit Could Get Real
7.Get In Here
8.Million Dollar Dreams
10.Oh Girl
11.Money Over Here
13.Bout My Money
14.Way She Moving
15.What Up Homie
18.Trappin Or Rappin
19.Get It For Her
20.All My Life
21.My Block (Feat. Akon)

All or Nuthin' (2008)

1.My Name
2.Get In The Way RMX (Lil Boosie)
4.Streets Of B.R.
5.Maybach Music (Freestyle)
6.The Way I Am
7.Take A Ride (Feat. Malachi)
8.Find My Way (Feat. Max Minelli)
9.Emotionless (Freestyle)
10.Gotta Have Cash (Feat. Lil Phat)
11.Keep A Heater
13.Die Behind Me
14.Think I Like Her
15.Love Me No More (Freestyle)
16.Lay My Life Down
17.Remember Me
18.Life I Kno
19.Get Ya Back
20.We Shine
21.You'll Never Know
22.Break It Off

Pick of Da Litter (2007)

1.Glock Stay Cocked
2.Game Tight
3.Stuck In Da Streetz
4.Get In The Way
5.In Da Trap
6.My Momma Know
7.The Truth
8.My Niggaz
9.Out Da Slum
10.Still Gettin Money
12.True Life Story
13.Dirty Work
14.Street Nigga

About Kevin Gates

Birth name: Kevin Jerome Gilyard
Born February 5, 1986
Origin: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Genres: Hip hop
Occupation(s): Rapper, singer, entrepreneur 
Years active: 2007–present
Labels: Atlantic, Bread Winners' 

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