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Young Thug

Jeffery Lamar Williams

Born August 16, 1991 - known professionally as Young Thug, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Known for his eccentric vocal style and fashion, he first received attention for his collaborations with rappers Rich Homie Quan, Birdman, Cash Out, Shawty Lo and Gucci Mane. Young Thug initially released a series of independent mixtapes beginning in 2011 with I Came From Nothing. In early 2013, he signed with Gucci Mane's 1017 Records, and later that year he released his label debut mixtape 1017 Thug to critical praise.



Young Thug Featuring Nicki Minaj



Camila Cabello Featuring Young Thug


Hear No Evil (2018)

1 "Anybody" (featuring Nicki Minaj) 04:14
2 "Up" (featuring Lil Uzi Vert) 04:56
3 "Now" (featuring 21 Savage) 03:26 

Super Slimey (2017)

1 "No Cap" 02:24
2 "Three" 02:39
3 "All da Smoke" 03:24
4 "200" 02:26
5 "Cruise Ship" (performed by Young Thug) 02:46
6 "Patek Water" (featuring Offset) 03:09
7 "Feed Me Dope" (performed by Future) 02:46
8 "Drip on Me" 03:19
9 "Real Love" 04:02
10 "4 da Gang" (performed by Future) 03:07
11 "Killed Before" (performed by Young Thug) 03:40
12 "Mink Flow" 02:58
13 "Group Home" 04:02 

Young Martha (2017)

1 "Homie" (featuring Meek Mill) 03:38
2 "Liger" 03:28
3 "10,000 Slimes" 04:42
4 "Don't Call Me" (featuring Shakka) 03:56 

Beautiful Thugger Girls (2017)

1 "Family Don't Matter" (featuring Millie Go Lightly) 04:55
2 "Tomorrow Til Infinity" (featuring Gunna) 03:48
3 "She Wanna Party" (featuring Millie Go Lightly) 04:10
4 "Daddy's Birthday" 03:28
5 "Do U Love Me" 03:29
6 "Relationship" (featuring Future) 03:35
7 "You Said" (featuring Quavo) 06:42
8 "On Fire" 03:59
9 "Get High" (featuring Snoop Dogg and Lil Durk) 04:53
10 "Feel It" 03:56
11 "Me or Us" 02:37
12 "Oh Yeah" 03:49
13 "For Y'all" (featuring Jacquees) 03:39
14 "Take Care" 03:37 

Jeffery (2016)

1 "Wyclef Jean" 03:56
2 "Floyd Mayweather" (featuring Travis Scott, Gucci Mane and Gunna) 06:01
3 "Swizz Beatz" 03:16
4 "Future Swag" 02:45
5 "RiRi" 04:04
6 "Guwop" (featuring Quavo, Offset and Young Scooter) 05:15
7 "Harambe" 03:10
8 "Webbie" (featuring Duke) 03:55
9 "Kanye West" (featuring Wyclef Jean) 05:41

Bonus Track
10 "Pick Up the Phone" (with Travis Scott featuring Quavo) 04:12 

Slime Season 3 (2016)

1 "With Them" 03:17
2 "Memo" 03:15
3 "Drippin'" 03:06
4 "Slime Shit" (featuring Yak Gotti, Duke and Peewee Roscoe) 04:38
5 "Digits" 02:56
6 "Worth It" 03:06
7 "Tattoos" 04:01
8 "Problem" 04:01 

I'm Up (2016)

1 "F Cancer (Boosie)" (featuring Quavo) 04:09
2 "My Boys" (featuring Trouble, Ralo and Lil Durk) 05:04
3 "For My People" (featuring Duke) 04:00
4 "King Troup" 03:45
5 "Ridin" (featuring Lil Durk) 04:08
6 "Hercules" 04:40
7 "Special" (featuring Offset and Solo Lucci) 04:23
8 "Bread Winners" (featuring Young Butta) 03:46
9 "Family" (featuring Dora and Dolly) 04:03 

Slime Season 2 (2015)

1 "Big Racks" (featuring Lil Uzi Vert) 04:08
2 "Thief in the Night" (featuring Trouble) 03:39
3 "Don't Know" (featuring Shad da God) 03:02
4 "Hey I" 03:27
5 "She Notice" 03:25
6 "All Over" 03:06
7 "Twerk It" 03:49
8 "Phoenix" 03:58
9 "I'll Tell You What" 03:35
10 "Mind Right" 03:51
11 "Go Crazy" 03:38
12 "Pull Up on a Kid" (featuring Yak Gotti) 03:39
13 "Up" 03:35
14 "Bout (Damn) Time" 03:20
15 "Flaws" 03:52
16 "Oh Lord" 04:06
17 "Beast" 03:46
18 "Never Made Love" (featuring Rich Homie Quan) 04:36
19 "Raw (Might Just)" 03:30

Bonus tracks
20 "No No No" (featuring Birdman) 03:34
21 "My Baby" 04:08
22 "Love Me Forever (Chopped & Screwed)" 04:57 

Slime Season (2015)

1 "Take Kare" (Rich Gang featuring Young Thug and Lil Wayne) 04:26
2 "Quarterback (featuring Migos and Peewee Longway) 05:01
3 "Rarri" (featuring Young Ralph) 03:16
4 "Stunna" 04:08
5 "Best Friend" 03:32
6 "Power" 03:14
7 "Calling Your Name" 05:03
8 "No Way" 04:33
9 "Mine" 02:41
10 "Freaky" 05:33
11 "Be Me See Me" 03:36
12 "Overdosin'" 03:01
13 "Again" (featuring Gucci Mane) 02:56
14 "That's All" 04:01
15 "UDiggWhatImSayin'" 03:07
16 "Draw Down" 04:21
17 "Wood Would" 03:30

Bonus Track
18 "Wanna Be Me" 04:07 

Barter 6 (2015)

1 "Constantly Hating" (featuring Birdman) 04:27
2 "With That" (featuring Duke) 03:22
3 "Can't Tell" (featuring T.I. and Boosie Badazz) 06:08
4 "Check" 03:50
5 "Never Had It" (featuring Young Dolph) 04:14
6 "Dream" (featuring Yak Gotti) 03:01
7 "Dome" (featuring Duke) 03:51
8 "Halftime" 03:46
9 "Amazing" (featuring Jacquees) 03:38
10 "Knocked Off" (featuring Birdman) 03:16
11 "OD" 04:45
12 "Numbers" 03:27
13 "Just Might Be" 03:53 

Tha Tour Pt. 1 (2014)

Digital download
1 "Givenchy" (Young Thug and Birdman) 05:00
2 "War Ready" (Rich Homie Quan) 03:54
3 "I Know It" (Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug) 04:05
4 "See You" (Young Thug) 04:19
5 "Beat It Up" (Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug) 04:02
6 "Flava" (Young Thug, Birdman and Rich Homie Quan) 05:51
7 "730" (Young Thug) 04:07
8 "Hate I" (Rich Homie Quan) 02:13
9 "Tell Em (Lies)" (Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan) 04:04
10 "I Got" (Young Thug featuring PeeWee Longway) 04:33
11 "Milk Marie" (Rich Homie Quan) 03:14
12 "Imma Ride" (Birdman and Young Thug featuring Yung Ralph) 04:47
13 "Everything I Got" (Rich Homie Quan) 04:11
14 "Keep It Goin" (Young Thug) 04:23
15 "Bullet" (Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug) 04:02
16 "Freestyle" (Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug) 03:43

Rich Gang: Tha Tour Pt. 1 — (bonus
17 "Throw Your Hood Up" (Young Thug featuring Nipsey Hussle and Bloody Jay) 05:33
18 "Soldier" (Jacquees featuring Rich Homie Quan) 04:13
19 "Pull Up" (Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug) 03:57
20 "Who's On Top" (Young Thug featuring Duke and Wicced) 03:52 

1017 Thug 3: The Finale (2014)

1.Young Thug - 1017 Thug 3 Intro (Beast Mode) SLOWED DOWN by Jai SLOWED DOWN
2.Young Thug - Alphabetical Order SLOWED DOWN by Jai SLOWED DOWN
3.Young Thug - My Bitches Get Money (Ft. Gucci Mane) SLOWED DOWN by Jai SLOWED DOWN
4.Young Thug - Rich Nigga Shit SLOWED DOWN by Jai SLOWED DOWN
5.Young Thug - Fuck Ya Girl SLOWED DOWN by Jai SLOWED DOWN
6.Young Thug - Out The Bowl SLOWED DOWN by Jai SLOWED DOWN
7.Young Thug - 911 SLOWED DOWN by Jai SLOWED DOWN
8.Young Thug - L A Swag SLOWED DOWN by Jai SLOWED DOWN
9.Young Thug - You The World SLOWED DOWN by Jai SLOWED DOWN
10.Young Thug - Rollin Rollin SLOWED DOWN by Jai SLOWED DOWN
11.Young Thug - I ain't drunk yet SLOWED DOWN by Jai SLOWED DOWN
12.Young Thug - Hurt Yo Eyes [ft. Young LA] SLOWED DOWN by Jai SLOWED DOWN
13.Young Thug - Around My Way (Ft. MPA Duke) by Jai SLOWED DOWN-2

1017 Thug 2 (2014)

1.1017 Lifestyle
2.Oh Ya
3.Tell Her Nothing
4.Take It
5.Run It Up
6.Let Up
7.Sub Zero (feat. Quavo)
8.Trigger Finger
9.Strange Things
10.Warrior (feat. MPA Wicced)

World War 3D: The Purple Album (2014)

1.Clap Your Hands (Feat. MPA Duke)
2.Donald Trump Feat Dk
3.Geeked Up Feat Young LA
4.Hurt Nobody Feat MPA Wicced
5.Tell Nobody No Feat Young LA
6.Panaramic Roof
7.Riding Around Feat Young LA Dk
8.See You Later Feat MPA Duke YSL
10.Umm Hmm Feat MPA Wicced
11.Thug-Wait Your Turn Feat Young LA
12.You The Best Feat YSL

Young Thugga Mane La Flare (2014)

1.Gucci Mane x Young Thug - Hot Boyz (Intro)
2.Gucci Mane x Young Thug - Bricks
3.Gucci Mane x Young Thug - Need
4.Gucci Mane x Young Thug - Ride Around The City
5.Gucci Mane x Young Thug - Stoner 2 Times
6.Gucci Mane x Young Thug - OMG BRO
7.Gucci Mane x Young Thug - YAY ft. Takeoff
8.Gucci Mane x Young Thug - Dont Look At Me
9.Gucci Mane x Young Thug - Out My Biz
10.Gucci Mane x Young Thug - Took By A Bitch ft. PeeWee Longway
11.Gucci Mane x Young Thug - Siblings
12.Gucci Mane x Young Thug - OMG
13.Gucci Mane x Young Thug - Lef Some

Black Portland (2014)

1. Suck Me Up
2. Florida Water
3. Signs
4. No Fucks
5. 4 Eva Bloody
6. Movin
7. Paranoia
8. No Love
9. Nothing But Some Pain
10. Danny Glover
11. Lets Go Play

1017 Thug (2013)

1.Young Thug-Yeah Yeah Feat OG Boo Dirty Heavy Prod By Nard B
2.Young Thug-2 Cups Stuffed Prod By Super Mario
3.Young Thug-Ball Feat OG Boo Dirty Prod By Memphis Track Boyz
4.Young Thug-I m Fo Real Prod By Dun Deal
5.Young Thug-Jungle Feat Gucci Mane Prod By C4
6.Young Thug-Scared Of You Prod By Lex Luger
7.Young Thug-Murder Prod By Nard B
8.Young Thug-Nigeria Feat Gucci Mane PeeWee Longway
9.Young Thug-Dead Fo Real Feat PeeWee Longway Prod By TM 88
10.Young Thug-Condo Music Feat Wicced Prod By Nard B
11.Young Thug-Patna Dem Feat PeeWee Longway
12.Young Thug-Picacho Feat Maceo Prod By Jay Neutron
13.Young Thug-Trigger Finger Prod By C4
14.Young Thug-Picture Baby Prod By Super Mario
15.Young Thug-Shooting Star Feat Gucci Mane
16.Young Thug-Miss U
17.Young Thug-Tabernacle Prod By KE On The Track
18.Young Thug-Why Order Prod By 808 Mafia
19.Young Thug-THUG Feat Runts Prod By Nard B
20.Young Thug-F ck With It Feat Young Scooter

I Came from Nothing 3 (2012)

2.Thinkin' Out Loud #TOL
3.Woda [Prod. By Quint Tha Great]
4.Molly Workin' [Prod. By Quint Tha Great]
5.Loaded (Feat. Jose Guapo & Young Scooter) [Prod. By Bigg Dre]
6.I Know Ya
7.Ok Cool (Feat. Skool Boy) [Prod. By Yung Lan]
8.Admit It (Feat. Skypadwar & Kosher) [Prod. By DJ Suede]
9.Natural [Prod. By Yung Lan]
10.I'm Paid
11.Creepy Crawlin' [Prod. By Quint Tha Great]
12.Epic (Feat. Tizzle & Curt Blow) [Prod. By Dj Plugg]
14.Time Of Ya Life (Feat. Lil Silk) [Prod. By Bigg Dre]
15.What Dat Mean (Feat. Skypadwar & C Neil [Prod. By JayLeno]
16.My Life (Feat. Rocko & Playa) [Prod. By Dj Plugg]
17.Angry Sex [Prod. By JayLeno]
18.I Like What Ya Doin' [Prod. By JayLeno]
19.HollyHood (Feat. Skypadwar & Aston Martin Philos]
20.Foreign (Feat. Hellacoppa) [Prod. By C Neil]
21.International Connection
22.My Time (Outro)

I Came from Nothing 2 (2011)

1.Haiti Slang
2.I Know
4.My Everything (Feat. Future)
5.Who's On Top (Feat. MPA Duke & MPA Wicced)
6.Keep In Touch
7.Keep Going (Feat. Cash Out)
8.F ck My Tattoos (Feat. Jose Guapo)
9.Doors (Feat. Capo Kam & London Jae)
11.Above Dem Niggas (Feat. MPA Duke & MPA Wicced)
12.Go Getta (Feat. Yung Booke & MPA Wicced)
13.But I Want
14.Ooooorr (Feat. Capo Kam & Kumtie)
15.The Plug
16.All These Racks On Me (Feat. Shawty Lo & Mdc Chris)
17.Curtains (Feat. Shawty Lo & Skool Boy)
18.F ck 12 (Feat. MPA Duke & MPA Wicced)
19.F ckin' Witha (Feat. Cash Out)
20.Go Harder Than Yall (Feat. YL Stunna)
21.Jamaican Slang
22.Our Bars
23.They Killin' Niggas (Feat. Buc Buc)

I Came from Nothing (2011)

3.We Are
4.Eat U Alive
5.Ball On Yall
6.Drop Bars
8.Zan Man
9.In Dis Bitch
12.We Ballin'

About Young Thug

Full Name: Jeffery Lamar Williams
Also known as: No, My Name is Jeffery, Jeffery, SEX, Thugger 
Date of Birth: August 16, 1991
Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia
Genres: Hip hop, trap, pop, experimental rap 
Occupation(s): Rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer 
Instruments: Vocals
Years active: 2011–present
Labels: Atlantic Records, 300, YSL 
Associated acts: Future, Carnage, Rich Homie Quan, Birdman, Rich Gang, Drake, Gucci Mane, Metro Boomin, Travis Scott, Migos, Lil Yachty, London On Da Track, Lil Uzi Vert 

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